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  1. Quality Products for Every Industry: Meeting Business Needs

    In the dynamic world of commerce, businesses rely on a multitude of products and services to thrive. Linen Plus, a leading business supplier in Canada, not only understands this dynamic environment but also offers a diverse range of products and services that address the diverse needs of businesses in various sectors. From top-of-the-line hospitality textiles to cutting-edge industrial safety products, We are committed to providing high-quality solutions that enhance workplace efficiency, safety, and comfort, setting us apart from the competition.

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  2. 2024 Textile Trends and Designs for Hotel Towels in Canada

    Who doesn't crave comfort and coziness? We all seek the finest textiles in our everyday clothes, whether it's for what we wear or the bedsheets and towels we use daily. A rough towel can lead to skin irritation, dryness, and allergic reactions. That's why you should never underestimate the importance of a good towel—choosing a soft, effective material is key. Beyond this, thoughtful design adds an extra layer of comfort and functionality to your towels.

    Towels play a crucial role everywhere, from baths to kitchens and hospitals to beauty salons. Just think about the joy of experiencing both exceptional design and premium material in your towels. When you find the perfect match for your home, why settle for anything less? In 2024, the world of textiles offers exciting new trends, especially in the realm of towels. Let's dive into the fresh designs of the year!

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  3. Linen Plus - Ultimate Guide to Keeping Hotel Bedding and Mattresses Fresh and Clean with Mattress Encasement

    In this comprehensive guide by Linen Plus, we will explore the benefits of using mattress encasements in hotels and how they can contribute to maintaining a healthy and comfortable sleep environment for your guests. We will discuss the different types of encasements available, their features, and what to look for when making a purchase decision.

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  4. The Ultimate Guide to Sourcing Wholesale Affordable Medical Supplies From Linen Plus: Your Key to Quality, Savings, and Patient Care

    • Why choose Linen Plus for wholesale medical supplies?

    • Understanding the importance of quality medical supplies

    • Benefits of sourcing wholesale medical supplies from Linen Plus

    • How to navigate Linen Plus website for wholesale medical supplies

    • Key considerations when sourcing affordable medical supplies

    • Top affordable medical supplies offered by Linen Plus

    • Tips for optimizing your

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  5. How to Make the Best Decision When Buying Pillowcases?

    How to Make the Best Decision When Buying Pillowcases?


    When considering getting a restful sleep, every detail in the bed linen category matters and pillowcases are no exception. It is important to use a comfortable pillow with the coziest pillowcase. Nonetheless, purchasing pillowcases is not a breeze since there are several factors to consider. We have curated a list of considerations to help you pick the best pillowcase. Check it out!



    Think About Fabric Quality By Considering The Thread Count.


    Thread count and fabric quality are primary factors to consider when choosing the best pillowcases. Search for fabrics that provide the utmost comfort

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  6. A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Pasabahce Glassware for Every Occasion.

    Glassware contributes to enhancing your tabletops. Whether you own a bar or a restaurant, your glassware collection says a lot about you and your establishment. If you are ready to impress your guests, then read this blog. Here, we will discuss a guide to choose the perfect Pasabahce Glassware for every occasion.  Pasabahce, known for its exquisite glassware collection, offers various options for every occasion. Choose the right Pasabahce glassware to enhance your restaurant or bar, from wine and cocktail glasses to plastic tumblers. 


    Consider the Occasion


    The first step in choosing the right glassware is to consider the occasion. Are you hosting a formal dinner, a casual brunch, or a cocktail party at your restaurant?

    Each occasion demands different types of glassware. For formal dinners, use

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  7. The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Hotel Bedding and Mattresses Fresh and Clean with Mattress Encasement

    The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Hotel Bedding and Mattresses Fresh and Clean with Mattress Encasement

    Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to keep hotel bedding and mattresses fresh and clean with the help of mattress encasements. As any hotel owner or manager knows, maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of hotel rooms is crucial for guest satisfaction and reputation. Mattress encasements offer a simple and effective solution to protect both the mattress and the bedding from stains, spills, allergens, and bed bugs.

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  8. Reducing Plastic Waste: The Role of Dispenser Amenities in Nature Conservation

    Reducing Plastic Waste: The Role of Dispenser Amenities in Nature Conservation


    In the present-day scenario, environmental issues are topics of intense discussions globally. The hospitality industry is often under pressure to adopt sustainable practices. The excessive use of single use plastic in hotels and resorts is a major contributor towards environmental degradation.  Amenities like-miniature shampoo bottles and wrapped soaps increase plastic waste that harms our oceans, land, and animals. However, amidst this challenge, lies a practical solution: The Dispenser Amenities program which offers a unique approach to reduce plastic waste. This is done by providing the guest with refillable dispensers. In this blog, we will talk about reducing plastic waste and the role of dispenser in nature conversation.



    Understanding the Plastic program


    Plastic pollution causes a huge threat

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  9. Pamper Your Guests: The best guestroom amenities provided by the hotels.


    When it comes to serving the guests, the hotels known for their top-class hospitality and amenities, spare no expense in offering the best to their guests. From soft cozy bed and bath linens to guestroom toiletries, they are always on their toes to make them feel at home. This blog tells us about the best guestroom amenities provided by the hotels. If you are a budding hotelier, this blog is for you! 


    Bath Toiletries: Sticking to the Basics 


    When your guests step into their hotel rooms after a tiresome journey, they would want to take a refreshing bath to regain energy for the rest of their day. Stocking your hotels with bathroom essentials is a good practise to maintain hygiene

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  10. Decoding GSM: How Grams per Square Meter Impacts Towel Quality

     Decoding GSM: How Grams per Square Meter Impacts Towel Quality


    When it comes to buying the perfect towels, there is more to it than meets the eye. One key element that often goes missing from the checklist is the GSM also known as Grams per Square meter. It calculates the weight and density of the towel. Understanding its significance can ease your towel-buying experience. In this blog, we will be decoding GSM and how Grams per Square Meter impact towel quality. 


    What is GSM?


    As discussed above, it stands for grams per square meter, and it refers to the weight of the towel. Most importantly, it tells us how thick and soft a towel is. The higher the GSM, the denser the towel. On the contrary, a lower GSM means that the towel is lightweight. For example, in cotton towels, the average range for GSM is between 300 and 900 GSM. 300-400 GSM indicates that the towel is lighter and

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