6 Benefits of Having an On-Premise Laundry


6 Benefits of Having an On-Premise Laundry


Many businesses choose to outsource their laundry processing for a number of reasons. It could be because of space, resources, or budget. However, there are many advantages to bringing your laundry processing in-house that make it worth considering. If your business sends a considerable amount of linen off to be washed regularly, investing in an on-premise laundry could be worthwhile.

In most cases, it will cost your business less in the long run

Although having a laundry onsite can require upfront capital, in most cases, outsourcing your laundry processing is more expensive over time. Most people assume that the biggest cost of operating a laundry is the machines, when actually labour is the largest expense making up around 45-55% of the total costs. While bringing your laundry inhouse won’t avoid labour costs, it will avoid the added charge that covers an outsourced company’s overheads. In addition to the cost of running a laundry, a commercial linen company also has marketing, sales, delivery trucks and petrol, administration and management, the cost of which is passed onto the customer. With this in mind, it’s easy to see without even doing any maths, if your business is doing enough laundry, that having an on-premise laundry is the more affordable option.

Better business processes – linen at your fingertips

Having an on-premise laundry means that you can structure laundry processes around your business’ specific timetable rather than conforming your business processes to the timetable of a laundry service. This is particularly important to the hotel and hospitality industry where it’s critical that linen and towels arrive before guests do. It also allows for quick turn-around times, allowing you to prioritise certain items whenever you like.

Better Control over the standard of quality

Control over the standard of care on your linens and their presentation is another added benefit of bringing your laundry in-house. Your business is free to choose quality laundry machines that are also gentle on fabrics, extending the life of your linen. You’re also able to train and develop your laundry staff to achieve the standard of quality you desire. Training will also ensure increased efficiency and productivity, reducing overall operational costs.

Laundry services made available to guests for additional revenue and customer satisfaction

For some businesses, specifically hotel and accommodation businesses, being able to provide guests with a laundry service can boost customer satisfaction, delivering convenience and quality service. Many guests travelling on holidays or for business much prefer to hand over their clothes in the place they’re staying rather than carry around a bag of dirty laundry to take to the nearest laundromat or drycleaner. They can drop it off when they leave and pick up on their return, barely having to think about it.

Extend linen life by addressing any stains immediately

On-site laundry allows for any stains to be addressed instantly before it starts to set in. A commercial laundry service would typically have linens washed, processed and returned to you within 24 hours. It could be hours before the stain is addressed, waiting for the laundry pickup service.