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Wholesale Commercial Grade Sheets

Use New Hotel Bed Sheets to Freshen Up Your Rooms Make your guests feel right at home, and offer them a comfortable and cozy night’s sleep with our hotel sheets! These sheets are versatile enough for any hotel, motel, or upscale resort, and you can choose from different thread counts to find ones in the thickness you prefer. We offer crisp pillowcases, snug fitted sheets, and light flat sheets to dress your beds with necessary linens. You can also find these sheets in full, twin, queen, and king sizes! All of our hotel bed sheets are made in classic white, which is a hospitality standard. The color also shows stains clearly, so you can see which sheets need to be specially cleaned or replaced. Some of these hotel sheets even feature colorful thread to designate different sizes from each other. This feature helps your cleaning staff quickly identify the size of each folded sheet.