There are many paper towel dispensers to choose from thanks to companies like San Jamar, enMotion, and Simplehuman. Choose from wall-mounted holders, paper towel cabinets, combined waste and paper towel dispensers, or standalone paper towel holders for tables or restaurant use. Wall Mountable One of the most well-known designs for paper towel dispensers is the wall-mountable holder. Wall-mountable paper towel holders can be mounted to concrete, wood, or other materials, and they provide paper towels in places such as restrooms, kitchens, and waiting rooms, so customers can dry their hands or get a paper towel for cleaning up. Once mounted, the holders are durable and reliable, so customers or coworkers have the paper towels they need in an instance. Single-Towel Dispenser Single-towel paper towel dispensers reduce waste by only allowing one paper towel to come out of the receptacle at a time. This is useful for reducing waste in kitchen or restroom spaces after drying your hands. Made with plastic or metal, these paper towel holders keep your towels held tight until needed, keeping them clean. Motion Sensors Motion sensor paper towel dispensers prevent customers from having to touch the paper towel holder, which makes it more sanitary and reduces germ spread. Touchless dispensers also have helpful adjustments that you can make, like a control feature to adjust the size of the towel dispensed or a delay timer to help reduce office waste. With designs that are slim or rounded, these holders work with the paper towels of your choice.
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