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What web browser should I be using to best experience Linen Plus? 
The site is compatible with the following browsers:
Internet Explorer version 11 is the recommended browser for the best linenplus user experience.
There are known compatibility issues with Internet Explorer versions 8 and 9. See below for details on how to access linenplus if you are using IE 8 or 9.
Please note that there are known compatibility and speed issues with Internet Explorer version 8 as well.
Current version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari are compatible with linenplus, but the compatibility of these browsers is not fully guaranteed.
Mobile linenplus functionality works with web browsers on all mobile devices.
Internet Explorer 8 and 9 Users :
In the Tools menu, select Compatibility View settings.
"" should already be in the Add this website field. Click on Add.
Click on Close.
 Login Related 
Can I change my User ID? 
No. Your User ID is unique and may even have been created according to a standard set by your organization. If you need to change it, you must contact your Linen Plus sales rep so they can take the required steps to make the modifications.
How do I reset my password? 
Click on the "Forgot Your User ID or Password" link in the Login and follow the instructions on your screen. You could also contact the tech Support.
I've just reset my password and am waiting for the email with my new temporary password. How long will it take to get my new password? 
The e-mail is usually sent within a few minutes after the request is made, but it may take up to 15 minutes.
If you don't receive in 15 mins , please check your junk email folder.
My company does not have an existing account with Linen Plus. How do I get an Linen Plus user ID? 
Click the "Become a Customer" option on the Linen Plus home page menu bar to open the Request Form . Alternatively, you can call 1-855-469-5353. You will be contacted shortly thereafter by a Linen Plus sales representative who will work with your organization to learn more about how we can meet your linen procurement needs.
Why has my account been deactivated? 
A buyer account is automatically deactivated after 180 days without a succesful login attempt, if the maximum number of failed login attempts has been exceed (wrong password), or if the ship-to accounts associated to your buyer account have been closed.

How to Search

Some customers like to browse product categories and others prefer to find what they're looking for as quickly as possible using the Search box. search engine was designed to help people get right to what they want, without waiting. To learn how to use our search engine to its fullest capabilities, please read the information below.

Entering What You Want To Find

Single Word Search
You can enter a SKU, Item Number, Manufacturer or Product Name into the Search box (see definitions below).

Multi-Word Search
The search engine allows you to do a multi-word search on the Manufacturer, Product Name and Product Description (see definitions below).

Automatic Search Suggestions
The search engine will automatically make keyword search suggestions based on the text that you enter in the Search box. These keyword suggestions are based on the product categories available on and allow you to find your products easier and faster.

Can't Find a Product?

Linen Plus strives to provide our customers with the best possible selection of products. If you can't find a product in, you may be restricted from seeing it by your organization's purchasing rules. Consult with the guidelines provided by your internal purchasing department in this case. For help finding any other products, please contact Customer Care at
1-855-469-5353, Ext -1


The maker or vendor of the product. example : Inspire Apparel & Textiles (IAT)

Product Name
How the product is officially referred to, example "Face Towel".

Product Description
The extended definition of the product, example" face towe 13" X 13".

"Stock Keeping Unit" - a unique number listed on products.