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Linen Plus General Frequently Asked Questions
Where Linenplus has a business "presence,” we are required to collect sales tax. As obligated, Linen Plus charges sales tax on orders for taxable items in accordance with state and local tax laws. Linen Plus charges sales tax on orders for taxable items in accordance with applicable state and local tax laws. The amount of sales tax charged depends on several factors, including the item purchased, the destination of the order and, where applicable, the location from which your order is shipped. During the checkout process, the order confirmation and packing slip will reflect the estimated sales tax. Please be advised that the estimated sales tax may differ from the final amount charged for your order. ... Read more

What is SepticSol?

SepticSol contains proprietary food grade nutrients, DSL micro-organisms & enzymes that boost the metabolic systems of indigenous micro-organisms, making them more effective in degrading  all kinds of biodegradable molecules such as fats, oils, grease, tissue papers, carbohydrates, proteins, surfactants and odour causing compounds. Septicsol is a blend of unique bacteria and enzymes which are carefully selected after several years of research and field trials. SepticSol is non-toxic, non-corrosive, biodegradable, safe for septic systems, plumbing pipes and the environment.  


Why Septicsol products?

Septicsol products are advanced, effective and environmentally friendly, making them safe for septic tanks, holding tanks and cesspools, pump stations and sumps, chemical and portable toilets, recreational vehicles (RVs) and marine toilets.


Why enzymes?

An enzyme is a substance that naturally exists in all living organisms.  It helps to speed up biological and metabolic reactions – including breaking down of human and food waste.  Let's take humans as an example!  Our digestive system contains billions of bacteria, probiotics and enzymes that break down all the different kinds of foods we eat.  


How come your liquid product Septicsol comes in a 500ml container while most of the competitive products come in a larger container? 

The reasons we offer 500ml containers are:

  • We offer a concentrated solution.

  • Easy to ship and store !

  • Easy to carry !

  • Less plastic is used that helps reducing plastic pollution.

Can Septicsol help the natural bacteria present in septic tanks?

Septicsol not only adds billions of bacteria and enzymes during each treatment but also helps the indigenous bacteria, already present in septic tanks, become more active; thereby improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your septic tank’s performance.


How does Septicsol eliminate odors and bad smells in septic systems and holding tanks? 

Septicsol eliminates and destroys the sources that produce H2S, ammonia and VOCs. 


How does Septicsol degrade grease and tissue paper?

The unique blend of bacteria and enzymes, contained in Septicsol, effectively degrades oils and grease and efficiently digests other organic waste materials, such as tissue paper.


Does Septicsol reduce scum, sludge, and biomat build-up?

Specially formulated enzymes in Septicsol feasts on scum and sludge thereby help reducing biomat build up at the bottom of septic tanks.

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If you are a tax-exempt organization and do not have a Linen Plus Tax-Exempt Customer Number, please follow these steps:

Step 1: email your tax certificate to Linenplus at [email protected]

Step 2: On a cover sheet, please include your telephone number and order number if applicable. Please do not write on your tax certificate.

Step 3: Your order will be taxed and a refund generated as soon as our Tax Exempt team verifies your tax-exempt information. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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Buy in large quantities and you can save even more. Simply call 1855-469-5353 to see if you qualify for a volume discount. email your bid proposal to [email protected] ... Read more

Unlike most sheet brands we don't use any artificial chemicals in our sheets to make them wrinkle-free. Like any 100% cotton products, your sheets will naturally wrinkle but they will wrinkle less and less with every wash and use. We recommend drying your sheets on a low temperature to prevent significant wrinkling, and taking your sheets out of the dryer 5 minutes before the cycle ends and hanging them to dry.

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