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The population of the world is undergoing an historic change. The older population is growing at a dramatic rate and the balance of the world’s young and old is shifting. In approximately 30 years, there will be 850 million elderly (people over 65) worldwide, more than 70 million in North America alone.

In 2050, the Baby-Boom generation (those born between 1946 and 1964) will be the Great-Grandparent Boom, 85 years old and over. They will number about 20 million persons in North America, nearly 6 times as large as this age group was in 1990.

The implications and profound impact of human longevity is a wonderful and amazing development that will require home care products to help improve our comfort and to impact us in ways that will actually help us live longer. Avida Healthcare is growing with the Canadian home care market. As new products appear we are often the first to bring you Canadian Government Health Canada approved home healthcare devices and products you can trust and depend on. 

Our Brands: AMG, Physio Logic, AquaSense, Airgo, Hugo, MedPro Defense, Dex 4, Medi Touch, ProActive, MEDPRO - Canadian Manufacturers of home healthcare and medical professional products.

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