N95 Respirators & Masks

Linen Plus provides you with the much-needed protection assist in dealing with the challenges brought on by the pandemic. People from all walks of life want to avoid the risk of coronavirus infection as much as possible. Linen Plus has a wide variety of N95 masks and respirators available for convenient and safe online shopping to help you meet the challenges brought on by the current situation.

Contactless purchase experience

We understand many people want to avoid unnecessary exposure. Linen Plus provides an easy to use online shopping platform where our customers can purchase their n95 respirators and masks from the comfort of their own home. Our N95 masks and respirators are designed for a close face fit for the filtration of airborne particles and contaminated fluids. Go to www.linenplus.ca for more details.

Why choose Linen Plus?

At Linen Plus, we strive to bring the best products to meet your needs at budget-friendly prices. The PPE we offer online is of the best in quality, designed for durability, and reliability. The PPE products offered by Linen Plus meet all ethical industry standards and compliances.

Buy genuine 3m n95 surgical mask online from Linen Plus with confidence. Our 3M products have been validated with care to ensure our customers are receiving genuine 3M products. Our secure online payments, excellent customer support, and delivery provide convenience and peace of mind.

We realize the importance of prevention, and Linen Plus offers a variety of N95 masks to fit most situations. Purchase your n95 face mask online from Linen Plus for a convenient and worry free shopping experience.

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