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Order Face Towels that Deliver a Superior Hotel Stay Experience

Add a touch of style and class to your hotel’s  bath linen collection by buying face towels online from Linen Plus. We are confident in our products because we only sell the finest quality cotton face towels.

We cannot put into words the feeling of using a warm, fluffy face towel after a shower. To experience it and understand the level of bliss a good quality face towel will give you, you should buy them  online from Linen Plus.

Buy face towels online

The face towels measure a standard size of 13 inches wide and 13 inches long. We always recommend buying face towels online  at Linen Plus because our towels are 100% cotton that is made with double loop weave.

The double-needle stitching in our towels is what ensures that they will absorb water quickly. Since the towels are small, they dry quickly, enabling your guests to use the towel frequently during their workouts.

Our towels are lightweight and weigh only 908 grams, making them the ideal companion for your guests when they want to play sports. These towels are available in multiple colours: white, blue, maroon, pink, brown, etc.

Why choose our face towels?

When you purchase our face towels, you get several face towels in a single pack. We sell our face towels in packs of six and twelve. Since we’re selling in packs, you can purchase multiple items from us at affordable prices.

We do not restrict ourselves to selling only face towels. We handle all the hotel linen needs, including bed sheets, pillowcases, pillows, bath mats, bathrobes, etc.

Wrapping up

Our professionals from Linen Plus will handle all your linen requirements. We also ensure that the products are delivered straight to your hotel within the first two days of ordering the items.

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