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Are you tired of investing in disposable face cradle covers? Is investing in disposable face cradle cover taking a toll on your budget? Well, that means you need to make way for reusable face rest cradle covers in your spa. At Linen Plus, we have an assortment of face cradle covers made with 100% cotton flannel so that people with fabric allergies can stay relaxed and comfortable while visiting your spa for treatments. 

The face rest cradle covers listed on our online shop is also easy to wash. Besides, each pack comes with three covers inside, meaning it becomes easy to change and rotate the covers easily. And since the size is a universal size, you don’t have to worry about the product not fitting the face rest cradle at your spa.


We know that as a spa owner, your only wish is to offer your customers a comfortable and sanitary surface. We also know that disposable face rest cradle covers are easy to use, hassle-free and decrease your wash load, but by purchasing face rest cradle covers online, you can:

  • Save money
  • Prevent your clients from allergic reactions
  • Make the customer feel more comfortable and relaxed

When you purchase face rest cradle covers online from Linen Plus, you experience benefits like:

1- Quality material: Face rest cradle covers listed on our site are made from 100% cotton. They are designed to fit any type of face rest cradle you own.

2- Cost-effective: Linen Plus believes in working with suppliers and manufacturers to offer our customers the best pricing possible.

3- Easy returns on damaged goods: If anything dispatched to you isn’t in its sound condition, you can contact us to get details on the return and exchange process.


4- Better on the environment: By investing in our 100% cotton made face rest cradle covers, you end up reusing the product instead of throwing it away to end up in landfills.


Please contact a Linen Plus representative, or visit us on line to see all the benefits and options we can provide.

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